Uncle Maddio’s Take and Bake Pizza on the Grill

July is National Grilling Month, folks. With the Uncle Maddio’s Take and Bake pizzas, this is a cause we can really get behind! If you’ve ever eaten pizza hot off the grill, then you know just how amazing it tastes. And if you haven’t, well then read closely and head to your nearest Uncle Maddio’s ASAP for a Take and Bake pie!


Groovy boxes.

What’s a Take and Bake Pizza?

Our Take and Bake pizzas are made fresh in the store, just the way you like them. But, instead of cooking the deliciousness right away, you take it home in our groovy to-go box, put it in the fridge (if you can wait that long) and bake it whenever you’re ready. Our instructions call to cook our pizzas in the oven at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.



Groovy grill masters.




Here’s how those instructions translate to the grill.




Box-to-grill awesomeness.


Take and Bake on the Grill

Turns out, it’s pretty much the same. You’re looking for indirect heat. For gas grill users, preheat the grill on low and when it’s ready, place the pizza directly on the grate and close the lid. Grill for about 8 minutes. The pizza’s done when the crust is crispy and the cheese is melted. We pre-bake the crust on our Take and Bakes before we put the toppings on, so there’s no need to worry about goopy crust falling through the grates. (Most pizza grilling instructions tell you to grill the crust for a few minutes on each side before you put the toppings on; we’ve already done that for you. You’re welcome.)


Our Testers

Pizza is ready to eat!

Mmm-mm Maddio's.

Our very own Auntie ‘Rean (What — you don’t have an Auntie ‘Rean? She’s awesome.) took one home and demanded asked her husband to give it a whirl. Their son — who never turns down cheese and pepperoni — got in on the action too. Auntie ‘Rean — who knows nothing about grilling — manned the camera. They preheated their gas grill to about 350 degrees, slid the pizzas right out of the box onto the grill, closed the top, crossed their fingers, and waited. Nine minutes later, two mouthwatering pizzas were ready. The taste-test results? Super crispy crust, smoky grill flavor, and fan-freakin-tastically delicious. Oh, and the pepperoni pie got the three year old’s picky-pizza-eater seal of approval.


Seriously -- what are you waiting for?!