Why Maddio’s?

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Why Uncle Maddio’s for your Franchise Business Opportunities?

Uncle Maddio’s is a hugely popular and successful food franchise, with the best franchise opportunities in the country! Any company can claim that they are the best, but with all that an Uncle Maddio’s restaurant franchise has to offer, we certainly challenge anyone to do better!

We know that there are other franchise business opportunities, but we truly believe that there are no better pizza franchise opportunities than what Uncle Maddio’s has to offer, and here are just a few of the many reasons why:

  • Pizza is a huge market – $32 billion sales per year.
  • It’s the 2nd most consumed food on the planet.
  • Approx. 3 billion pizzas are sold in US each year.
  • 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once per month.
  • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day.
  • Each man, woman & child in America eats an average of 46 slices of pizza per year.

Why Uncle Maddio’s?

  • Maddio’s was created by the founding member and former President of Moe’s Southwest Grill.
  • He managed Moe’s explosive growth to 375 restaurants open in six years with 200 additional units in development.
  • Our executive management team has over 50 years experience in the restaurant industry.

For more information about becoming a business franchisee with Uncle Maddio’s, call Roger Wagerman at 404-929-6654, or you can send him an email at franchising@unclemaddios.com.

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